S even Springs Ski Patrol Newsletter November 24,1998

I. To begin with I have some good news and some bad news:
The bad news is the weather is not what we would have liked - we have not been able to make snow and the weather report indicates it will be early December before we can plan on skiing.

The good news is the new jackets are in and as soon as the name tags are in and in place on the jackets most of us will be able to pick them up. Those who have not turned in their jacket or pants and have been receiving letters during the summer will have to get straight with the Linen room before you will be able to receive a new uniform.

All Candidates and Transfers, along with those who have not paid their registration as of the last refresher November 8th, will need a slip from the office to receive their uniforms. Candidates will receive the old jacket to wear until they pass their test.
The old jackets (without the gold cross), may be purchased for $25.00. Check with the office for the procedure in doing this.
II. To make sure everyone is on the same page this years ski ticket policy is as follows:
Because of the size of the Patrol we are going to have to put limits/restrictions on the number of ski tickets that can be requested and to who they may be given to. RELEASE FORM MUST BE SIGNED WUTH EACH TICKET.
A. Married members may receive a ticket for each member of their immediate family member.
1. Immediate family may sign one release form at the beginning of the year but must write the family member receiving the ticket on the weep sheet each time a ticket is requested.
B. Each member may receive no more that two (2) tickets at one time for members of the extended family - Mother/Father, Brother/Sister, Boy/Girl Friend, and Grandchildren.
        1. The same will apply to an extended family member as A. above.
C. For those requesting tickets for close friends other than Family, may purchase up to two (2) tickets for half price. This must be done through the office or supervisor.Those requesting 1/2 price tickets must fill out a new release form with each request.New Candidates will pay 1/2 price for their ski tickets until their cross is earned. A release form must be filled out with each ticket request
        1.2nd year candidates - Grandfather clause will be in effect until first candidate If you fail to earn a cross at that time then candidates will be charged 112price for the remainder of the year.
E. Solicitation of other members of the Patrol to request tickets for you is a "NONO", and will result in the loss of ticket request privileges for both members.

F. To request a ski ticket you must be present and signed in to receive.

G. No phone calls will be accepted requesting tickets.

H. We will not request additional tickets after 10:00 a.m.

I. Those requesting tickets after 10:00 a.m. and tickets are not available will have to wait until we receive our P.M. tickets.

III. For those who have not heard, our community project (Needy Families), has been discontinued. The decision was made for several reasons, difficulty in getting names, the raising of enough funds, and time required in organizing the program when we are at our busiest

VI. Take note of the toboggan locations:
#2 Hut 2 Blue, 2 Gray
Top of Stowe-- I Blue, I Gray
Top of Wagner - 2 Blue, 2Gray
#8 Hut 4Blue, 4Gray
#l0 Hut 4Blue, 4Gray
Tube Park 1Gray - Snowmobiles Only
House 1Gray - Snowmobiles Only
We have moved the toboggan shed from High Noon to the top of #10! We have also moved the toboggan shed from behind the huts in the Snow tubing park, it is now found on the skiers right of the park, near the bottom beside a big rock.

VII. Filling Out Accident Reports:
        A. Complete Address, (Town, State, Zip).
        B. Press Hard - so information is clear on all copies.
        C. Patient Name - Sign name - And Ski Patrol Registration Number.
                    a.) The numbers can be found on the bulletin board, above the desk in the blue room. Candidates must get a registered patrolman to sign your forms.
        D. When a customer is transported to a hospital - Mark on Incident Report:
                    a.) Name Of ambulance service
                        New Centerville
                    b.) Name of Hospital
        E. Mark on the equipment bulletin board the type of equipment that went with the patient and the hospital location.

                    a.) Those who have gone through the patrols' hands on snowmobile clinic must review the snowmobile training tape each year before driving a snowmobile.
                    b.) All candidates and transfers must earn their cross and have been registered on the Seven Springs Patrol for l year before taking hands on clinic.
                    c.) We will try to retrn toboggans by pickup truck on the weekends this                              year

Let's not forget the Code Green's should be dropped off at the bottom of Alpine and lift #3, with the exception Of young children. KEEP THE SNOWMOBILES AWAY FROM THE SKI LODGE AND WAGNER SLOPE!

The clinic has asked us to inform the customer that the clinic is open and if they wish to go to the clinic and speak to them about medical Service, they may do so. We are to give no other information (such as insurance), beside the service is available. When we take the customer into the clinic we are to inform them the nature of the problem and if not asked to stay, we are to leave.

If you have an injured person that was in a Ski School class please get the name of the instructor. Some of the instructors are not coming in after the lesson is over and if it is a group lesson the Ski School office has no list of student's and no way to track down the instructor's name. Often the student doesn't even know the name of the instructor. The exception to this is the Junior Ski Program. Those instructors can not come in until the end of their class day at3:OO PM. Tell someone in the office when you have a junior Ski injury as we have to notify the Junior Ski School office. These kids are turned over to Junior Ski by the parents and the parents come back to pick them up at 3pm. Ski School needs to be able to tell the parents where the kids are.

No.1 - Avalanche No.5- Blitzen No.9- Giant Steps
No.2- Tyrol No.6-Sunrise No.10-Gunnar
No.3- New Quad No.7-Sunset
No.4-Old Quad No.8-North Face
This means that the #9 Patrol Hut is now#8 and #11 is now #10. Learn the Huts by slope names and not the numbers.

We have been told that we should mark the half pipe as black diamond and the snowboard terrain park as black double diamond.

Help the Rangers organize the lift lines and check tickets - turn ticket violators over to the Rangers. Because of our ticket(split ticket counterfeit policy, everyone (Ski Patrol/Ski School), must display their pass outside their clothing.

We made a small improvement with our language last year. We still need to work on this along with good manners. Example: Treat the women as ladies - they deserve.
Ride up the chair with a customer to spread good will and try to be more visible on the slopes to help the Rangers control reckless, out of control skiers.
Please do not try to fix any rental equipment or give your opinion of the equipment to a customer, just inform them to return it to the rental shop to have it fixed.
If involved in an accident with another skier never accuse the skier of the wrong doing nor accept blame, get the names of those involved, get witnesses and file a report.

Uniforms must be worn while on duty:
        a. CANNOT be worn when in bars.
        b. MUST be kept clean-if you cannot do this at home ,we have a washer and dryer at the patrol house. It is just a matter of pride in yourself and in the Patrol. Remember the comment made in Ski Country Magazine 4 years ago.

In the event of a serious incident (for example, helicopter called) - we have only one spokesperson, Scott Bender. if you are approached by anyone (media), do not lie. You may say, yes it happened. Otherwise advise any Person that you are not authorized, nor at liberty to discuss any accidents. Refer them to Scott Bender.

Remember about head, neck, spine or conscious unconscious injuries. Use the neck collar, long board and HID. Transport to the Patrol Room. if they refuse treatment or give you a hard time have them sign the "refused first aid" card. Do not transport them on a snowmobile. We are going to include a stiff neck collar in the gray bag this year.

First aid vests are not part of the Seven Springs Patrol uniform, and cannot be worn without a jacket. Check your Patrol manual.

There will be no smoking in any of the Ski Patrol buildings.

No one can give permission for the use of a snowmobile to anyone not connected to the SSSP ONE MORE TIME – snowmobiles are a big concern of management Please be careful.

The office is the hub of our operation and professionalism is important - let's not use it as a loafing area!!!!!

It is everyone's job to keep the Patrol House clean. You are expected to throw away your cup when finished with it and to pick up something that you have dropped.

If you plan to take a shower, bring a towel those towels marked S.P. are for Patrol use only!

On cold days racers on Avalanche may come into #2 hut to warm up limit the number. The Patrol House, other than the public rest rooms, is not open to the public.

FOR THOSE CANDIDATES THAT HAVE NOT RECEIVED A HEPATITIS SHOT, THE PIRST SHOT WILL BE GIVEN ON DECEMBER 5, 9:00 A.M. AT THE PATROL HOUSE, whether we are open or closed for skiing. Remaining 2 shots will be scheduled for January 2, and June 5.



P.S. We have just been notified that Jack Shaffer, member of Seven Springs Ski Patrol, long time member of National Ski Patrol, and founding father of Western Pa. Ski Patrol passed away November 24.


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